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Top 10 Curling Rules | You Should Know To Win In 2023

Are you seriously struggling to play Curling? Curling, a game between two teams of four players each, is just like CHESS but played on an ice surface in circles. One of the team’s players delivers a stone to the other player and makes a goal to achieve points.

Curling is not a widely played or famous game as it’s a very old sport in the world, but with the passage of time, Curling fans believe that this game should get some attention. People enjoy this game because the dance of brooms and stones is gorgeous. At the beginning, the game might be difficult at some points but don’t worry I will let you know about the best Curling Rules to understand it.

10 Curling Rules You Must Know

  1. Two teams, consisting of four players, take part in this game.
  2. In the game of curling, one must be a woman and the other a man.
  3. About 16 stones will be sent to the center to achieve the goal. 
  4. If a tie occurs, 10 minutes are given extra.
  5. Sweeping must be done with two members of the team.
  6. The coin toss will decide which team has to go first.
  7. The rock must touch the hog line in the game before releasing.
  8. If you touch the rock while sliding, it will be replaced.
  9. The team can quit the game or allow the other one to win if they cannot achieve it.
  10. The rock must cross the line to get points.

Curling Interesting Information

Some of the basic information, you should know about the game are given below:

Name of developerPaisley abbey
150 ft. length and 15 ft. width1514
Time duration3 hours
Number of players4 players in each team
Weight of stone44 pounds
Size of court150 ft. lenght and 15 ft. width
First originScotland
Most played countrySweden

How to Play Curling?

This game is played between two teams of men’s and women’s, two groups of four persons each. Two players played mixed doubles consisting of one man and a woman. This game is a bit like lawn bowls. But the difference is that curling is played on ice. 

While the teams pushed a 42-pound heavy rock in the direction of concentric circles. The main work is to get the rock close to the circle as soon as possible. All the contestant’s focus is to get the stone very near, at the center of the circle. By applying the rules of curling accurately the players can succeed.

If you want to become a better curler, then you must watch this!

Where is the Curling Being Played?

The curling game is played on a white surface of ice which is very long. Its length is approximately 45 meters long and its width is about 5 meters. On the very end of the ice surface, there are 2 circles located which are called houses, where a goal is made. It’s called a curling court.

Rings on the Ice Surface of Curling

There are also rings available, 4-foot, 8-foot, and 12-foot, in the circles of the ice sheet. The purpose of these rings is to judge accurately. In which the sliding stone must touch any part of one of the rings for scoring. If it touches the outermost 12-foot ring then no score will be recorded.

Curling Time Duration Rules

The average time for a curling game is about 3 hours. This time also depends on the player’s ability to think and their physical consistency. Extra time is given to each team for thinking. If the match is tied then 10 minutes would be given for playing.

Do You Know?

Scotland people say, this game was born, because of stone and ice interactions.

Curling Wheelchair Rules

Wheelchair curling is especially for people with some disabilities of limbs or feet. These contestants can take part in curling on wheelchairs. Their thinking time will be extended up to 38 minutes than normal contestants. It was formed by the World Curling Federation. They play with sticks and they do not need sweeping.

What is the Sweeping Rule in Curling?

The two members of the team can sweep up the ice which causes problems with the moving stone to slight smoothly to the destination. One player from the team can also brush the ice to clean the tee line. If the rock will be touched by the broom or the member while sweeping then that stone will be removed from the game.

4 Main Helpful Rules of Sweeping

  • The sweepers must be from the team. Any of the team players who are not delivering the stone will sweep only.
  • The sweeper should stand in the center of the lines on the ice surface.
  • The stone in curling must be in movement before sweeping.
  • Make sure that the sweeper does not touch the stone while brushing.

What is a Broom?

The broom in the player’s hand helps them to keep their balance. As the rock is heavy enough to be controlled by only one person, the players using brooms for sweeping also direct the stone to be on the right path.

How Does Sweeping Affect the Stone?

Sometimes, the sweeping slows down the speed of the stone, which is a good sign as it goes straight away. Basically sweeping is specialized for the stone to control its amount.

What is the Purpose of Hammer in Curling?

Hammer is not really part of the game. A hammer is given to the team which does not score at the end. But you can say that whoever has the hammer in his hands has the power in curling. He can throw the last stone.

“ The HAMMER is the last stone advantage in curling.”


If the players of the team wear two different kinds of shoes, one must have a strong grip and the other one should be of a different type to slide the stone.

Main Shots in Curling

Guard Rule: The guard is a stone that is thrown to the free guard zone, the house the center of the line, and the house. Which is for the protection of the rocks.

Draw Rule: A draw in curling is a shot that is provided to the player for reaching the destination which then results in scoring.

Take Outs: Take out is for removing the rocks while playing.

Hooting in Curling

Sometimes, you have experienced the audience shouting in a live tournament or stadium. These people basically wanted to be in contact with the playing teams or to encourage them. On the other hand, players could not shout so, they tried to give hand signs to play hard. 

Ice Sheet in Curling

Basically, the curling sheet, a flat surface of ice, is leveled by the federation carefully. Its length and width are properly measured for accuracy. Circles are designed for the stones to slide. There are small lines on the sheet to divide the house which is in the center, and quarters. Small borders are also named backboards.

Rules For Stick

Stick in curling is used to pass the stone to the other contestants of the team and to deliver it to the house. To touch the stone with the hand will not be acceptable.


In case, the player is not delivered by the stone in the curling, so he or she should stand in the center to receive the goal.

Popularity Of Curling

This game is not much screaming on television but many countries play it at big events and in competition levels too. Before the 19th century curling was the most played game ever, especially in the UK and Switzerland. But now in a couple of years, it’s played in Sweden and won by Sweden.

Men and Women Curling Tournament

The men’s tournament was first opposed in 1924 at the Olympic Winter Games, but their results were considered too late in 2006. The females were contested in 1998 for the 1st time. Its Olympic debut was made in 2018.

Rules For Stone in Curling

Small rocks are also called stones. These are the main equipment of the curling game. Which are heavy in weight, between 30 and 40 pounds. Its connection is with ice.

How to Win The Game?

Each team can get eight scores if the 16 rocks are placed at the end. Or if there is no stone in the center or nearest to the circle then no score will be upgraded. 8 to 12 points are the numbers at the end of the curling match. 

The team which has more points at the end will be rewarded for winning the game. To win, the team must end on the eight ends.

Do You Know?

If the stone is being touched by a person in the game while passing, then the goal will not be acceptable.

Games Objects in Curling

This game involves objects like stones or heavy rocks and delivers these rocks to the area of the target or an end of the thin surface of ice which is formed up as pitch.

Then the teams focus on the stones to be placed at the center while the members on the paths appear to brush and clean the ice so that the rock slides smoothly to the center.

Curling Scoring Rules

The score got high after which each time fulfilled its target of delivering the stone to an end and reached the house and achieved one point. The points get higher after each stone gets closer to the center before the opposition. One rock must be in the house to achieve results. In the situation of not scoring up to an end, they will be given a hammer.

History of the Curling

It was first innovated by the people of Scotland in the 16th century. It first occurred at Paisley Abbey, Parish Church of Scotland, in 1514. After that, this game became popular in the countries where Scots expressed it. But now curling is played in many other countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, and other European areas.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the greatest person of the Southern Netherlandish family, first painted its logos. Its very first impressive club was developed in 1838 in Edinburgh. And in 1966 an international federation was founded in the royal club.

In 1927 Canadian Championships were inaugurated which then became the biggest event throughout the world.

Book on Rules Of Curling

A book is also published on the history of curling. This book was written by Warren Hansen, a retired curler in Canada. He was from Canada and had the authority of the men’s championship in curling. Devin Heroux claimed in the tweets that he has this book 

Fun Fact

The audience sitting behind orders the players to sweep fast by saying the word “hurry.” And some other words to stop sweeping like, “yup.”

Curling Rules FAQs

There are about 10 ends in a match over a surface of ice.

No score should be given, the stone doesn’t come to an end.

The main rule of curling is to focus on the rock if the rock is touched by the player or hand, then it’ll be replaced or not acceptable.

It depends upon the players if they have the ability to understand the game rules. Or their grip on the sticks and focus on the stone can make it easy.

It’s specific for the teams. Each team has a fixed time, in which they have fulfilled the game demands. 10 minutes will be given extra for the tie game.

Ending On a High Note!

Curling is a game of two teams played on a surface of ice in circles, in which a stone is an object that has gone through the target. The stone must be in a house located in the center to get points. An Olympic game played between both men’s and women’s. It’s also designed for people with disabilities. The game is easy for beginners by learning the rules and regulations of curling.

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