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10 Kickball Rules You Must Know | Master Your Game In 2023

Kickball is a fun game that is extremely popular among elementary school kids around the Globe. It is known as soccer baseball in Canada, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Kickball is a truly American sport, invented in 1917 by Nicholas C. Seuss in Ohio. Originally, the motive of the game was to help young children understand the baseball and softball rules more accurately.

Due to its close resemblance to baseball, it can be tricky for many people to understand its rules. Well, this is where we came in. Our editors have celebrated with professional kickball players to guide you properly with its rules and regulations.

What Is Kickball Game?

Kickball is a playground game that is played in teams. It is played with an inflated 10 – 16 inch diamond softball. The four major components of the games are home plate, first base, second base, and third base.

Still not an Olympic sport, but it is a major league sport. In the World Adult Kickball Association matches, the bases are 20 feet apart from each other. But, in other league formats, you can adjust the distance depending on the field dimensions.

Kickball Equipment

Apart from the field and teams, players need to have the proper attire. The essential equipment is:

  • Inflatable Ball With 1.5 PSI Pressure
  • Three Bases
  • A Pitching Strip
  • Kickball Shoes
  • A Home Plate

The size and the pressure of the ball may vary depending on the league and the level of play.

How Many Players On A Kickball Team?

In professional matches, a team consists of 8 players. The number of players may vary from 6 to 11 depending on the league format. But to start and continue the game, a team must have at least 6 in-field players.

Players can play in any position, but they are bound to stay behind from the first to third base’s diagonal line. The line is not drawn on the field yet; it is an imaginary line.

All players have a spot in the kicking order. Usually, the leadoff kick is one of the fastest kicks. Once the match has begun, you cannot change the order unless a potential injury happens.

Kickball Positions

There are 9 basic positions on the kickball field. Each player is assigned a role or position. The nine required positions are:

  1. Left Fielder
  2. Right Fielder
  3. Center Fielder
  4. 1st Baseman
  5. 2nd Baseman
  6. 3rd Baseman
  7. Shortstop
  8. Pitcher
  9. Catcher

If the kickball match format allows you extra players. Then, you can position them outfield or fill the extra gap between bases. Center field, right field, and left field positions are the three outfield positions.

Kickball proper field position rule states that a fielder must stand a minimum distance away from the kicker while at bat.

Kickball Field Dimensions

The kickball field can be flexible depending on the available area. But in professional league matches, you have to follow the rules and regulations.

  1. The distance between bases must be 60ft; all around.
  2. From home to second base, the distance should be 84 ft and 10 ¼ inches.
  3. A pitching strip lies in the middle of the field.
  4. The distance of the strip line is 42 ft and 5 ⅛ inches from the home plate.
  5. The sideline begins 10ft behind the home plate.

Usually, the sideline extends to the fence. The kickball field setup is like a diamond square with a circular bend at the top.

How Many Innings In Kickball?

The kickball matches can be lengthy. A professional match is 40 minutes long, which can further extend up to 20 minutes. A game consists of 7 or 9 complete innings. A maximum of 10 runs are allowed per innings.

Each inning consists of two halves. In the first half, team “A” has an opportunity to kick the ball and score runs.  While in the second half, team “B” can score while the “A” team is fielding.

If the score is tied after playing all innings, the teams can play extra innings. Both teams keep on playing overtime (extra innings) until the winner of the match is decided.

10 Rules Of Kickball

Even though the number of players, the type of field, and the innings may differ, there are 10 basic kickball rules that remain the same even in the school Physical Education (PE) practice match. 

  1. To start the game, you need to have a minimum of 6 players and two teams.
  2. All players should appear on the written lineups, reflecting the kicking order.
  3. One catcher and one pitcher must stay on the field all the time.
  4. There are no leading off or strikeouts in a game.
  5. To score a run, a runner must reach Home Plate safely before the end of the innings.
  6. If, during the final innings, a home team takes the lead during the bottom innings, they win instantly.
  7. One foot of the pitcher must stay on the pitching mound before he/she starts pitching.
  8. Any runner outside the baseline is considered out.
  9. No player can hurt other participants intentionally. 
  10. Teams are bound to accept the decision of the head referee and cannot challenge it.

For fair play and motoring, three referees are required in each professional game. These referees are known as the head referees, first-base referees, and third-base referees.

The basic kickball rules for adults and kids remain the same, as the ball must be kicked behind from home plate. Keep in mind that if the ball is caught by the opponent team member, then the player who last touches it consider out in both kids and adult matches.

Out Rule In Kickball

During the game, a player is considered out in three scenarios. There is also a force out during the innings. A player is considered out:

  • If the opposing team member caught the ball
  • He/she tagged out by any member of the opposing team
  • At the base, a player is forced to out

Kickball Rules FAQs

Foul territory is any part of the field that is not between the first and third baselines. If the ball lands in the foul territory, then it is considered a foul ball. 

If all the bases behind the runner are occupied, and the player must have to run, then a force out may occur. A force out is tagging the player that is not on the base.

No, bunting is not allowed. On the field, players can only kick the ball with either foot or leg. The only exception is that a kicker may step on the home plate while kicking the ball.

Wrapping It Up!

Kickball has evolved from being a playground game to a real sport in the last four decades. Now with multiple leagues and associations, it is considered the fastest-growing sport among U.S adults. 

A minimum of 6 players from each team are required on the field. The pressure of the ball must be 1.5 PSI. Apart from these two requirements, all the rules are tangible. 

The field size, base distance, and innings scoring may differ depending on the league type and the level of play. But the rule of thumb is that no bunting is allowed, and teams cannot challenge the head referee’s decision.

We expect that this article helps you apprehend the basic kickball rules quickly and efficiently. Well, in the meantime, keep your morale high and kick the ball spot on!

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