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12 Essential Pool Ball Rules You Must Know | Winning Like Champ

Pool game is one of the most popular sports in the USA. With multiple championships and leagues, it has over 10 million players in the World. Initially, it was known as the pyramid pool. But as its popularity arose, the name was changed to 8 ball poll in the 1900s.

There are 19 types of pool games. But the eight-ball pool is the most popular of all. Due to the close resemblance to the billiards game, it can be a little tricky to understand the eight-ball pool rules.

This is where we came in!

I’ve collaborated with the professional 8 ball pool players to guide you properly about its rules and regulations. So, sit back and keep on reading for a better understanding.

8 Ball Pool Aim

The aim of the game is to win by pocketing all your balls before the opponents. In order to win, a player must also pocket the 8 ball too.

8 Ball Pool Equipment

Here’s the required equipment that is essential to play this game.

  • Pool Table
  • 15 Balls
  • 1 White Cue
  • Chalk For Cues
  • A Triangular Rack

The balls must have a pattern and a clear number written on them. The cue must be made of wood.

How To Set Up Pool Balls?

All 15 object balls need to be placed in the triangular rack. The rack is positioned at the lower end of the pool table. Usually, the balls are placed in a random order except for the 8 balls.

The 8 ball is always placed in the middle of the 3rd row. Usually, there are 5 rows. Each row contains the exact number of balls in their numeric order. The first row has only 1 ball, while the fifth row has 5 balls.

How To Win 8 Ball Pool Games?

The rule of thumb to win is “pocket all your designated balls” and then legally pocket the 8 balls.

You also win, If the 8 ball is knocked off the table by the opponent or the opponent pots the 8 ball first before pocketing the designated ball. In leagues and championship matches, the winner is decided on the best of 5 or 7 games.

Basic 8 Ball Rules

Due to the various varieties of pool games, the rules differ. But, in the championships and leagues, the standardized rules set by World Pool-Billiard Association are followed.

Size Of 8 Ball Pool Table

The table must be at least 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. There should be 6 pockets, one at each corner and two in the middle sides. The table should have a smooth green cloth affixed to it.

Size Of Pool Cue

In the official matches, a standard 57 inches long cue is used. In non-professional or amateur matches, the size usually varies between 55 to 58 inches.

What Are The Rules For 8 Ball Pool?

Here’s the list of rules that must be followed by each player in order to win the game.

  1. The object balls must be aligned in the triangular rack in random order.
  2. Only the 8 ball must be in the middle of the third row.
  3. The white ball should be placed anywhere behind the service line.
  4. In the first match, the toss decides which player will break first.
  5. In a legal break, the cue ball can’t go down the pocket.
  6. If the 8 ball is potted on the break, the other player can ask for a re-rack.
  7. Both players have to pot balls from their own category.
  8. A player can continue to make shots until a foul or fails to pot an object ball.
  9. If a player commits a foul, the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.
  10. Once a player pockets all assigned balls, he/she must sink the 8 ball in the designated pocket.
  11. If a player fails to pocket the 8 ball to the chosen pot, then the other player will return to the table.
  12. If the player pots the 8 black ball to any other pocket apart from the chosen one, he loses the game.

Pool Black Ball Rules

The black ball has the number 8 written on it. It can only be potted if all other designated balls are pocketed first. Here’re some other rules a player must follow:

  • Players can’t hit the black ball directly with the cue.
  • During the break, a player can’t pot the black ball under any circumstance.

To prevent any of this, the 8 ball is always placed in the middle of the triangular rack.

8 Ball Pool Foul Rules

As mentioned earlier, the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere in case of a foul. So, here are the most common fouls:

  1. If the cue ball hit off the table
  2. Failing to hit your designated ball
  3. Taking double shots simultaneously
  4. In the case of hitting the cue ball twice
  5. If you push the cue ball rather than hitting it

Usually, the most common foul reason is poting the opponent’s object ball rather than yours.

Do You Have To Call The 8 Ball In Pool?

Yes, a player must call the shot before hitting 8 ball. The call must be loud enough so the opponent can hear it easily. The main reason to call the shot is to choose the pocket.

8 Ball Pool Rules FAQs

For the best outcome, you should always hold the pool cue in your dominant hand, making a 90-degree angle. Place the other hand on the table making a bridge during shots.

The pool stick is 1.5 m (57 inches) long. It is made of grained maple wood. The maple texture makes it stiffer and provides the essential grip.

Yes, you can touch it but only during the break shot. After the break shot, the players can’t move the ball in any direction for convenience.

It is considered foul to sink or pot the white ball in the pool. The shot is considered a miss, and the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere.

If a player pockets and scratch the 8 ball, he/she loses the game. The rule of thumb is that the opponent has ball-in-hand if you scratch the ball, regardless of whether you hit it with the cue ball or not.

Wrapping It Up!

Pool ball games are extremely popular in the USA and Asia. The rules are simple and easy to understand. Pool balls must be placed randomly in the triangular rack. After the break shot, the ball cannot be touched by hand.

To win the game, a player must pocket all his assigned balls and then legally pot the 8 ball. If he failed to do so, the game is forfeited. Generally, in the international championships, the winner is decided on the best of five or seven games.

We hope that this article helps you to understand the pool ball rules easily and flawlessly. Well, in the meantime, keep on playing and winning your dreams!

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